Frankly I think that is a fantastic idea for all of EA's monopolised franchises

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Frankly I think that is a fantastic idea for all of EA's monopolised franchises

No, stop your BS. Madden was garbage this year. We had terrible gameplay. We had a man win the MCS tournament using a PUNTER at QB. There are Mut 21 coins many problems together with Madden NFL 21 to type out. But, none of these will be fixed, EA only recently extended their private liscense together with the NFL. Another years of dreadful gameplay. The mentality of"if you don't enjoy it, do not buy it" does not apply here. The reason they keep putting garbage Madden NFL up is easy, people want to play soccer. EA is the only one with soccer Madden NFL. Since we can't remedy the exclusive liscense problem, we wish to use our voice as a community to make the casual gamer conscious of EA's mishandling of the Madden franchise.

This includes us telling every individual inquiring about Pre-ordering the new madden game that they're making a bad descision. Most importantly, why it is a bad descision, telling them. Obviously we can't force individuals to abstain from purchasing anything, but we can surely tell them it's a poor descision 50 days until they get it done. This degree of complacency is the reason why we and with four adequate quarters of soccer can't play with. We must put up with forced-animations, busted mechanics, etc.. Why virtual football is not fun 19, in conclusion to my rant, telling people to shut up is. Constantly complaining about a game while continuing to play it almost everyday. Stop playing madden and await 2k to make their soccer match. It's rather straightforward.

This sub complains alot, especially towards the ending of one year once we're ramping up for another match, calling for boycotts, not purchasing another one. For those whining about Madden 21 already, two months before it's published, according to a 90 fucking second preview, they may really must appear at their whole outlook in life as a whole. Embrace the downvotes, their futile net points that mean absolutely nothing. Lol this is a forum to discuss Madden NFL 21 and in Madden NFL 21s situation that's definitely going to involve the issues with it, complaining about people complaining doesn't make you righteous.

There is no motive for Madden for a title anymore

They need to adopt the call of accountability strategy. 3 separate but dedicated development studios all rotating and working on the exact same IP. EA's business strategy is monopolizing brands. NFL, Starwars, FIFA... aka pay the upfront licensing money and cutback on the actual development capacities. I have heard of folks indicating they switch to a'cover for an yearly roster upgrade' model, but this could be the first time that I've heard a proposal that they should utilize a rotating studio strategy. Frankly I think that is a fantastic idea for cheap Madden 21 coins all of EA's monopolised franchises. They have the resources to take action, and it's worked for other yearly / nearly annual releases.